16 July 2009


Finally the time has come for another survey/giveaway. And this time EVERYONE that completes and emails this survey to me will receive a coupon code for a 20% discount.

Please fill out this survey, by HIGHLIGHTING, COPYING and PASTING it into your email window, and after filling out each question send it to me at pnkgeeni{at}gmail{dot}com. Once I received your email I will email you the coupon code asap. (Within 24 hours at the latest)

Only emails will be accepted! and only surveys that have been ENTIRELY filled out will receive the coupon code.

Use the subject title: I’vedonetheSURVEYnowgivememyCOUPON

Please be honest with your feedback

1) Male or Female?
2) Your Age?
3) How did you find my store?
4) Your favourite item from my shop?
5) Have you looked through my Etsy shop yet? (Prior to this survey).
6) What do you think is missing?
7) Please visit and let me know if you would/wouldn't purchase from the shop.
8) Have you purchased from me yet?
9) Would you purchase from me again? If no, why not.
10) Why wouldn't you purchase from my shop?
11) What do you think of the;
11a) Categories?
11b) Descriptions?
11c) Photographs?
11d) Prices?
12) What type of card do you give out most?
13) How did you find my blog?
14) How many cards do you send a year? (Approximately)
15) What age group do these cards go to?
16) Any other comments would be appreciated.


The deadline for this survey is: July 31 2009

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