20 May 2009

The Y Chromosomes

A couple weeks I realized that I really needed to get some more boy themed cards listed at my store. Lots of blues and greens with dashes of red.

From Manly men cards for butch men! to cute little adorable cards for baby boys and toddlers.

It is Fathers Day soon (for most of the world) so I needed to get some DAD approved creations.

I've been a little lazy today. The weather has been very odd. Hot and sunny, then freezing cold! I would love to stay inside, nice and warm, but it is gym day. And I HAVE to go! Slightly tempted to suggest a nice Venti Starbucks afterwards, but they might be closed by the time we get out. And it is nice to get straight home!

I can wait for a nice hot Starbucks tomorrow. Have to buy some ink for my photo printer.

Family Birthdays:
Eldest brother - happy birthday for the 26th
Old Bald Git brother (his words!) - happy birthday for 6th June

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