4 May 2009

Tea Bags

My latest card making adventure is Tea Bag folding.

Tea Bag folding originated in Holland, by Tiny van der Plaas who had forgotten a birthday card for her sister. She started folding fruit tea bag envelopes and so this card making technique was created.

I have three of these cards in my store right now. And another one is being made for a family members birthday.

Each fold is done by hand, and adhered together with acid free glue.
I'm torn between thinking that it looks like a flower or a pinwheel....

This white, black and cream one is just so elegant. I can just imagine the impact it will make amongst cards at a wedding.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hi Jeni!! Well, I just LOVE your new pinwheel flower cards!! I hope that you are well, and that sales are booming!!! Blessings~Sharon

Michelle said...