29 May 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ Jeraly Designs

This weekend's feature is from Aly @ Jeraly Designs.

FREE SHIPPING - Amethyst Butterfly Sterling Silver Earrings -OOAK

* I'm originally from Bristol, England but now live in Palm Springs, California

* I started out making (pretty lame!) charm bracelets in 2006 to try and make some money for my American boyfriend (now husband!) to stay in the UK for six months

* I fully intend to set up a proper studio when we buy our house within the next six months!

* I have two cats named Daisy (5) and Riley (almost 1) - Daisy came with me from the UK!

* I'd love to be a musician (singing, guitarring or drumming!) but am too shy and get too impatient learning instruments!!

FREE SHIPPING - Lucky Sevens Rainbow Bracelet/Anklet -OOAK-

I hope you enjoyed reading these random facts about Aly. Aren't the photographs just plain gorgeous??

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