21 September 2012

Rearranging Space.

My new office area/desk for the laptop. I spent an hour trying to get connected to the wifi internet!!!!! so just ended up moving the laptop over here. I sort of like it.  My 'new' desk is quite high but that's something easy to get used too. It means I won't be slouching as much and I will be sitting here typing properly.  It feels more officie too - if that makes sense.

I just need to get some pens and notepaper over here so I can jot things down, and we need to get the noticeboard up on the wall too.  I've added two craft related posters already. (One from papercoterie and one from scrapbook.com's facebook page.)

I am definately going to like having a whole desk for my craft work and not having to share some of the space with computerly stuff...  Just need to figure out what to do with the printer cable and tidy up a little.

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