26 May 2012

Retreat Away

 I love travelling by tube! We went via Baker Street station.  I am such a huge Sherlock Holmes fan that its a little strange I've never been here before.  I took my Polaroid Instax with me since I haven't used it much and its fun to experiment.
 The hours journey on the tube from Baker Street station to Chesham - the end of the line.
 Once we'd got to our rooms and unpacked a little we went to explore the hotel grounds. So many beautiful trees and flowers to photograph. And lots of pollen too. So glad that I took my hayfever allergy spray with me.
 The start of Saturday.  My sweater was too thick for our lovely handmade name badge so I had it pinned to my jeans pocket all day.
 A few sneaky shots of my mom hard at work.  We went to 6 classes and are slowly finishing the projects at home so I will get some photographs when they are done.
 There were two table and lots and lots of examples everywhere!!! I love this card with the owls.
 And I will be trying to re-create this at home.
 I said that there were lots of flowers around right? It is always wonderful to get great close ups of flowers.
 We had a goodie bag with this stamp set inside so I snapped lots to get ideas how to use them.

 Waiting for the train at Chesham station last Sunday. It was starting to get cold and we were a little crafted out.
We stopped in Victoria station for a coffee and snack before getting the Gatwick Express back to the airport.  It was a really fun weekend and we were inspired by the projects of so many people. Really glad that we both had Monday and Tuesday off work to recover!

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