6 May 2012


Yesterday was a cold rainy damp day. We still went on the PhotoMarathon.We got disposable cameras with 12 exposures and 4 topics at the start of the day.  We had to think and think and think and take those 4 photographs before going back to HQ and getting 4 more topics, and two hours later we got 4 more topics. 
The topics were:
1) Trapped
2) Flight
3) Off The Beaten Track
4) Lost
5) Direction
6) Sink Or Swim
7) Obstacle
8) Out of Reach

9) Aging
10) Follower
11) Hidden
12) Dream
It was really getting colder as the day went on.  I think we were damp and just wanted to get to a nice dry warm home around 3pm.  But we were close to finishing so quickly handed in the cameras and went home.  It would have been much more enjoyable if it was sunny or at least dry but I think we're all okay with the photographs we've taken.... we'll find out the results soon.

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