8 November 2009

How to make your own Christmas Wrapping Paper?

Last year I used tissue paper and brown bags to wrap up my Christmas gifts. This year I am turning the plain tissue paper into Christmas themed wrapping paper.

What you need?
Paper (I used tissue paper. If you use tissue paper then you need more than one layer to hide the gift).
Stamp/Acrylic Block
I used Brilliance ink as it won't bleed on tissue paper. Some Christmas stamps and a acrylic stamp block (that thing with black on the edges - I'm really bad with not cleaning).

Inked stamps.

Half done.

Finished, just needs somewhere to dry for a few minutes. I think it took as long as writing this blog post.

One I did earlier, with different snow flake stamps. I love how it looks, and you can see the stamped images from the layers beneath the top one.

Wow, how easy is that to make your own Christmas Wrapping Paper!

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