15 January 2009

Love Cards

I seem to have been slacking off with my blogging. This happens when I haven't been making many cards often. I have got some wonderful Thank You Cards ready to go to a new home, and a couple more that aren't in a complete set yet.

We'll probably be going skating on Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday (which is a national holiday).

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To date: No-one has taken adventage of this offer :(

This is just one of the Thank You cards that I have ready. They are so cute, and small enough to send with every purchase. These ones are a set of eight for $5 including world wide shipping.

I should have lots new Thank You stamps on their way here, so expect lots of new little cute cards like this.

What them in a different color? Or a larger amount? Just let me know.

I Heart Jam Sandwiches Handmade Card

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I'm Sally said...

Hi. I am advertising for you on my blog. I only have a few followers, but who knows, you might get some entrys. I hope you don't mind. Your cards are so sweet! Sally