12 January 2009

Just over a month until these cards will be needed. And I still have a lot of wonderful Loved Filled handmade Valentines cards ready to be posted.

The special offer (see above) is perfect incase your OH 'forgets'. A least you get something.

In other news....
I am waiting for my scrapbook supplies so I can start working on this years general scrapbook album.
November - March 2008 is finished.
April - November 2008 is mostly finished.
November - ??? hasn't been started.

I have a lot of pictures of print out and a lot of organising and tiding to do before the new stuff arrives. And I still have lots of ideas for cards. But they don't really seem to be selling.

I'm not sure what else I can do. I know that it's still early and things are just settling down from all the holidays....

The more you list the more you sell.....

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