13 January 2013

Project Life 2013 Title Page Week One and Week Two

My title page for Project Life.  This is the first year that I've done Project Life. I've been looking at other peoples Project Life in 2012 and I am excited about doing this.I just need to add a couple photographs.

  Week One.

Week 1.1

Started this quite simply. A photo of my Mom on her Birthday. A self portrait taken on the first.

Week 1.2
Christmas lights and One Little Word.

Week 2
This week I had to think of what to include... not much is happening right now so I listed all the clothes that I wear to work (thermals, extra socks, fleeces etc) and plan on doing another one like this in Summer.
We watched NCIS and CSI a few times.  I just need to add an 'art' card in the bottom right corner - haven't got any inspiration right now.
Week 2.2

Looking forward to documenting more.   I am printing out digital cards to use in the pockets and am planning on having all these in a box for easy access.  Maybe I will make a box for the cards instead of searching for a plastic box the right size....

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