3 March 2012

OLW February

For this month we had to take photographs of our word. Literal photographs or figurative photographs. It took me a while to figure out how I could photograph FAITH... this month all my word was telling me was that it will be warming up soon and it can't be this freezing cold...

I posted on the Big Picture Classes forum and get some very good thought provoking replies.

I have FAITH that the sun will shine...
I have FAITH that plants etc will grow....
I have FAITH that I won't be stuck in Guernsey forever???....

You can't really see them very well but my nine photographs are:
Top: Patterned paper from Bo Bunny, Our first onion shoot poking up through the ground (now they are huge!!!) Hambly Overlay.
Middle: A beautiful photograph of the clouds with "Faith looks up" spelled with KaiserCraft letters. A framed quote about having "belief in yourself" that my Mom got me years ago. A photograph of the dictionary defination about Faith with quotation marks from American Crafts.
Bottom: My Pinterest Faith board on the laptop with some of the inspiration things in the background. The Bottlebrush plant's new growth and a bit of patterned paper.

My first full page photograph was taken by my Mom.  I wanted to the photograph to include my camera bag since it has a map of the world embroidered on it - faith that I will travel.  I added the journaling in Photoshop then realised that the background was too busy for it to be read easily.  I kept myself in colour and turned the rest to black and white, then I did a test print.... The photopaper is A4 and the page protector is 8.5x11.... I had to chop of the last word in the photograph (interesting.)  so I just stuck it on the bottom right hand side.

Luckily when I was ready to take the photographs the sun was out and the sky was a beautiful blue, so I was able to take a photograph of some lovely clouds.  That window leads to my bedroom.  I chose this photograph because there are some seagulls flying around and it reminds me of the message juliaspencer14 left me on the OLW's message boards over at Big Picture Classes.

Birds flying in the air have faith that the wind under their wings will allow them to soar.

This has actually stuck in my head quite a lot and birds seem to be my word's animal.... 

Now onto March's prompt.

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