18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I thought of this at work on Friday. A way to incorporate a card into a gift. And I made it yesterday - with my Mom just the other side of the room... and she didn't see anything other than the basic supplies.
The title "You Always Make Me Smile" came from a text that my Mom sent me a while ago and I have saved on my phone. Before I'd even started work I texted her saying that it would be home time soon... Both are from American Crafts. Purkey Rub ons and Sadie Letter Stickers.

I've had the Flutterbys Paper Garland since early this year and didn't really have a use for it - it just looked really cool and fun! It was fun popping out all the little butterflies.  They are quite strong so I didn't rip any off the cotton thread.  My Mom has got a thing about butterflies... even she doesn't know why...
The photograph is from Italy. Taken in a reflective surface at the top of the Vatican Dome.  It really sucks that there is some random guy walking behind us.... I covered him with some more butterflies so he isn't distracting.
At work I always have scrap bits of paper near by - so I can quickly sketch down ideas and write notes and reminders.  I sketched this out a few times with my original idea of it having more photographs and some patterned paper.  But I had a whole sheet of the Flutterbys and not really anything else that would go with the colors.... I like the lined simplicity of this layout.
I added some Washi Tape #4 just to fill in the empty space between the title and the photograph.  This is the only non-American Craft supply!!!
All this layout/wall hanging needs now is a page protector and a hook.

Leave a comment and link if you made/did something amazing for your Mom.

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