16 November 2011

Ten Things......

(In our journaling class with the fabulous Ali Edwards, she mentioned a quick/easy was to document stuff - since then I've tried to remember to do these ....things about me..... mainly in my journal but I'm scrapped out right now so I thought I might as well do this as a post.)

.....about me this week.....

1) I am trying to scrap photographs of the redecorating of the bathroom.

2) I am listening to Agatha Chrisite's Murder on the Orient Express

3) I am home sick

4) I have to be better by Friday

5) I stuck my finger in the ink pad when I was trying to close my Close To My Heart ink

6) I've been working on a secret

7) I hope some Xmas presents arrive in time

8) I will try to tidy up this craft room again before the weekend

9) I've got a lot of scrapbooking done over the last couple days

10) I will be drinking a lot more diet coke and coffee this week.

Hopefully these will become a random regular type of post.

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