23 October 2011

Picture Time

 I figured it's about time that I start blogging about Italy and actually include some photographs.  It was such a fun trip with great scenery and wonderful new friends!
 We went for a leisurely (I love how American's say this word) stroll along part of the wall surrounding Lucca.
 Then we saw Pisa!!!!! I'm a little too lazy to open any graphics programs to change it the right way.
 I believe this is San Gimignano.  The tower in the background is a little misty but it was amazing to see.

 We stopped for a lovely 'caffe americano' while debating about whether to climb 218 steps to the top of a tower.

Which we then did.  The worst part was the steep ladder at the top but the views were definitely worth it.  I came down that steep ladder very slowly and held onto the hand rail all the way down.  Wish I'd taken a photo of that ladder!!

 Just before getting onto the coach to leave San Gimignano for our first winery.
 Jim and Adriano, our coach driver.
 Not sure where I am standing right now.
 A statue of Romulus and Remus, which are pretty much everywhere in Italy.  I think was in Siena.
 I stole this idea from Ali Edwards.
 I was going to try taking a self portrait and someone offered to take our photograph. 

More photographs to come.

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