16 October 2011

Back from

Rome yesterday. I would have loved to stroll around St Peter's Square one last time at 6am - but we didn't have time! Had to finish packing and get to the airport for our flight to London.

I met so many amazing people in the last 2 weeks and I am so inspired to get on with my love of crafting.  So... I will be deleting my FarmVille and other games from FaceBook sometime this week.  Seriously need to tidy up this room!!!

And maybe re-arrange things so creating things will be easier.  Need to get some shelves up on the walls and a big notice board so I can keep track of things that need to be done and my goals.

Thank you Jim and Ali for such a great trip.

Almost forgot.... I will be changing my Etsy Shop name from PnkGeeni (since a lot of people spell it wrong) I was thinking to....

JKCrafts or jkcrafts or jkCrafts

What do you think?
(My initials are JKM)

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