10 March 2011

new home

I haven't taken many photographs lately. Been too busy painting and cleaning, then it's too late to get any good shots!  This is our newly decorated lounge.  We are getting a Chocolate carpet and a Chocolate sofa (which should be delivered on Monday!!!!)

My bedroom is almost ready.  We are putting the new luxury underlay down tonight and we should be able to fit the carpet over the weekend.  It should be a nice relaxed weekend....

Until Monday rolls around.  The mattresses and Chocolate sofa are being delivered.  As is our 40 foot container of belongings! So much!!!! It will be a little scary seeing all those boxes piled up in every room but I think opening them will be fun. 

I get to find lots of clothes and shoes I'd forgotten about.  (Okay, most of the clothes will be too big for me - but I am keeping my favourite and altering them - turning others into cushion covers??? or something and the rest to charity).  And lots and lots of books!  I will have so many to re-read! 

And I can look through my first scrapbooks.  Ooh, and some more craft tools are coming home.

This is exciting!!!!!

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