22 February 2011

Redecorating Our New Home

My old bedroom is now going to be my Mom's reading room and is a mini crisp Mint green.

My new bedroom with it's undercoat. It was two shades of green which needed to be painted out.

The new craft room/office.

Smashing the kitchen tiles was so fun!
After the clean up.  All the tiles are gone now.  Hopefully our new ones will be here by Friday so we can get them up over the weekend.

My Mom's new bedroom (and stepdad's bedroom too). A gorgeous pink and soft cream.  She LOVES her red carpet and these colors are going to be so gorgeous!

My new bedroom. Bright bold vibrant green and soft "Fairy Dust" pink. I think the green is bold enough to make the pink more modern and grown up, and the pink is soft enough to calm down the green. I Love the green - currently no males do. Sort of good since it will keep them out of my bedroom.  My new bed frame arrived yesterday and will look amazing in this room.

The new craft room/office. A very bold blue and soft natural hessian shade.  It will be a wonderful creative area.  Everyone loves this room.

We only have about 10% of work left to be done.  And I'd guess that only 5% of that can be done by us.  Both bathrooms/ensuites need to be re-done.  The kitchen just needs to arrive and be fitted.  The lounge needs to be painted etc (Malted Chocolate and Dusted Damsel) which will look gorgeous with our mahogany furniture and the new brown sofa (which should be ready in a couple weeks).

Will be back at the new home tomorrow to get some more painting and sanding etc done.  I can't wait till we can actually move in!

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