12 February 2009

Still Untitled

So sunny, warm New Zealand has turned in sad and rainy. It's still quite warm - but wet.
Which is probably why I feel like curling up with a hot drink and not doing anything.

Easter Card
This Easter Card hasn't gotten many views. I like the classic and glittery look it has.

Cute Doggie Note Card
And of course, this doggie! I love this doggie. I can't wait until I get my own. Hand 'colored' with markers and a water pen.

Thank You Cards
Simple circular cards to send out with your orders. Perfect. Cheap. Customizable.

I've tried to be creative and make some cute little cards today but the weather puts me off.

I am part of an Etsy Team and there is a wonderful post showcasing just a few really lovely goodies but some of the team members.


And the GIVEAWAY is still going on. I've had some great responces and have taken their thoughts into consideration (what? did I really just say that!) I've made a few changes that were suggested. And I am adding a few more cards into the giveaway, so please enter.


Sally said...

Cute! Gotta love glitter. I will never get enough of that dog stamp...you don't have a dog like that yet? You need one. LOL. Your cards are adorable, Pink...(can I call you pink?) I like the way you watercolored it. What does PNK stand for anyway? ~in a goofy mood~ Sally

jeni@pnkgeeni said...

No I don't have a chihuahua yet. I have Mojo (a chi I picked up in Hamleys toy store).
Thank you. PNK does stand for pink. My absolutely favourite color.