6 October 2008


I was not expecting over 40 comments in reply to the blog giveaway. And there's still two days left till I pick a winner.

I started doing some productive work but a few hours ago my energy lagged. Right now I just can't seem to make myself do anything. It's currently 17degc and so hot! But its hotter outside.

I really need to get a bikini. I bought a lovely one last year but packed it in the container which is still in the UK. So I need to find another pretty one. I hate that some of my favourite shops don't have online shops. I always spend ages choosing the right bikini, and standing in an actual store for hours always feels weird.

We have to start getting our Christmas presents to send back to the UK. The last international shipping date is the 28th of November.

I really don't feel like doing anything.


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