20 October 2008

Quick Snaps

Just a few quick photographs of some new cards. I will take better photographs tomorrow, but wanted to do a picture post today. I'm getting over my "I don't really want to cut into this sheet of paper because it's so pretty" and realising that I can just buy another sheet.

New pressie paper + stamp = A pretty birthday card. This is such a pretty card, with space next to the stamp for a special message or a photograph.
Buzy Fuzzy Card
Butterflies Jewels. I wanted to show my mom that these little jewels aren't difficult to use. This is a very simple card made from two sheets of paper and some sparkly little gems.
They make a wonderful impact.
A set of about 12 cards (or maybe two sets). I love these cards. I have made a little box for them. I love all the rubons! They are gorgeous!!! I'm not sure how many cards should be in a set...

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