18 August 2012

lazy saturday

not doing much today. its just too hot to really get anything productive done.... although its starting to cool down now and I just started on my smash pad!

i went and got my glasses refitted so they shouldnt hurt me anymore... giving them another weeks test....

why moms been crafting and punching and sanding and sticking i've been thinking about my hair and what products to use to keep my hair nice and smooth... and trying to not to get annoyed at these glasses - still got a little ache.

at least i got some scrapbook layouts in the album and i got one finished.

my adorable baby nephew is coming here tomorrow!! so we need to make sure that the dangerous/sharp stuff is out of his reach (just incase he can grab the bottle of nail polish remover and thinks that it would be fun to drink it). Let's hope for no tears from him when his mommy leaves!

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