3 July 2012

Something about Sunflowers

 There's something beautiful about Sunflowers.
 This is the first one that's come out into flower.  There are about 3 more that should be out soon!
 I think if I was a flower I would be a sunflower.  Just leave in the a nice warm sunny spot and I'm happy.  But don't give me any water and I start to wilt.
 I need reminders to keep drinking water! I always get over-heated and dehydrated.  But I forget to have water and other juices until I already have a headache and thinking that it's so hot!!!  I got some nice thin thin thin vests and shorts for work. It gets hot inside there! so I need to keep cool.
I'm also wearing my new glasses in these photographs but you can't really see them.  Think this photograph needs to be printed out.  I like the reflection, my camera, the sun flower and the sky being all together with a thick white (door/wall) border.

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