5 February 2012

Blog Post #502

I really need to do posts earlier... I find that if I wait until the afternoon I always get a little sleepy and I seem to forget how to write.... 

For the One Little Word we need to take 9 photographs of our word.  Currently all I am contecting to my word is:

I have FAITH that it will start warming up soon!

Feb is always the coldest month and it is almost half over! I will not be freezing and shivering all day - very soon.  It will start warming up and the sun will be lovely....

I have managed to get some scrapbooking done this weekend and I have 100000% enjoyed it.  I have made a box that is just drying and got some photographs printed out from Siena to be scrapped.

This last week I have realised that I NEED to have a craft night sometime during the week! 

It can't be this cold forever and soon I can wear my converse sneakers (instead of my wooly winter boots) and I'll be walking home in the daylight.... soon.

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