10 September 2011

I felt it coming on Monday, a tickle in the throat that lead to a horrible detestable cold.  I you're a friend at Facebook then you have probably heard all this. I hate being sick! Had to take two days off work - it would have been nice to craft or tidy up a bit but I didn't have the energy.  Ironically this was when my lovely $20NZD watch broke.

Today I bought a Baby G one. Like this one only in pink.  The shop only had blue or pink and my Momma said pink.  I try not to get too much pink - don't want people to think I'm really girly.  Hopefully it will last a good long time.

This weekend I am continuing making my ATC cards for Tuscany.  I haven;t mentioned that I have a new cutting mat have I?  It's a lovely purple one! 13'x16' so large for a full sized layout with some spare.

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