25 June 2011

How neglected has this blog been?  For a while I've been saying that I need to get my Etsy Shop up and running again. Today, instead of just saying it I started doing something about it.  I've got a new banner and avatar and I few listings up.

Just need to do a stock take before I list anything else in case I don't have those cards anymore.  The biggest problem is that I now have a proper job!!!! I love it - can wear what I like and can leave in my lip piercings.  Even my tattoo doesn't matter! But I need to figure out a regular time to look after this shop etc.

And we still need to finish tiling the bathroom and I still need to tidy and organise the craft room. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for a mobile phone (I still call them cell phones) that use the internet etc?  I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry - they're not as expensive as I thought - so I can check my emails and reply to convo's etc.

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